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What is the VIP Client Program?

Pawparazzi Pet Services has a structured business model which has been carefully planned out to benefit everyone: the beloved pet, the adoring owner, and the professional groomer. 


I carefully cultivate a short list of VIP Clients which are selected based on grooming requirements and level of commitment.  Together, my client and I maintain a detailed and precise grooming schedule that best serves the pet on a regular rotation (every 4-8 weeks). 

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My clients always have an appointment lined-up on my grooming calendar, and they pay the lowest maintenance fee for their beloved pet instead of higher chaos/emergency grooming prices.  The pet benefits from a regular schedule - the coat is in better condition when maintained on a tight schedule, therefore the grooming appointment takes less time and the fee is much lower.  Of course, the pet seeing their familiar groomer every 4-8 weeks helps to build trust and comfort, which means less stress on the pet.

I rarely accept new clients, and whether I will groom your pet depends on breed and temperament, as well as your commitment to your pet's care in-between grooming sessions.  Do you brush your pet regularly at home?  Do you practice handling the feet and ears?  Does your pet stand patiently while you care for them?  Working on these factors at home greatly increases your pet's success at any grooming salon or veterinarian office. Responsible pet owners make their pet's health a priority, and take steps to ensure their pet's anxiety and discomfort are considered in any situation. 


I provide grooming services to responsible VIP pet owners.  I believe my VIP Client Program benefits everyone, but most importantly, the pet.


Humanity before vanity. 

Do you think you could be my next VIP Client?  

Please fill out the application form below.


client application

Potential new clients will be assessed weekly. If my calendar has openings and I feel you could be a good fit for my VIP Client Program, you will be contacted to schedule a trial grooming appointment and consultation. 


If I feel you will not be a good fit for my program, I will share a list of local pet grooming salons in our area that you can contact, and I hope you find the right groomer for your pet.

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